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Helping Albertans make the right choices is something we take very seriously at Alberta Cannabis. To do so, we equip retailers like you with the things you need to know to educate your customers about responsible cannabis use.

We focus on:

Keeping cannabis out of the hands of children and youth.
Cannabis cannot be purchased from a retailer until a customer has been age verified. Additionally, public consumption is prohibited in places frequented by children.
Protecting public health.
We make public education on the risks of cannabis a priority, as well as access to products that are safe and regulated.
Promoting safety on the roads, in the workplace and in public spaces.
We strive to keep Albertans safe by building awareness around impaired driving, workplace safety and the repercussions surrounding cannabis use in certain public spaces.
Limiting the illegal cannabis market.
With a legal option to purchase safe cannabis now available in Alberta, it’s our goal to see the illegal cannabis market disappear.