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It's been over a year since cannabis became legal in Canada and is the only place in Alberta to legally buy recreational cannabis online. We are evolving with the shifting landscape of cannabis in the country. Here are some of the changes that have already been made on, and a preview of some things that are on the way.



Edibles are here! Look for a limited selection of new edibles products in stores and online now. Learn more

Be aware before buying online.
The RCMP have developed a fact sheet to help identify common red flags of illegal online cannabis retailers and the risks of using them. Download it here

Where can I buy legal cannabis? Use our retail store locator to find your closest legally licensed retail store.

The price of shipping has gone down. 
We've cut the cost of ordering your cannabis online. Our shipping fee has dropped from $9.95 to $4.95, no matter where you're ordering from in Alberta.

Our licensed producer partnerships keep on growing. 
We currently work with more than 40 Canadian growers to offer more than 400 cannabis products to Alberta retailers and online shoppers.

Read some homegrown success stories. 
We're featuring profiles on Alberta licensed producers. From big to small, see how local producers are making waves in the cannabis industry. Read more

Shop Albertan.
Browse products created by our Albertan licensed producers. Shop now

And there's more to come! 
Keep checking in for more content, including deep dives into the kinds of products we sell, a look at the state of cannabis packaging, the cannabis plant itself, and more.