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At, a big part of our job is helping Albertans like you make responsible choices. That means encouraging responsible cannabis use through smart policies and regulations and offering information to help you decide if cannabis is right for you.

Our priorities are:

  • Keeping cannabis out of the hands of children and youth.
    All customers must verify their age before they’re able to purchase cannabis, and public consumption is banned in areas frequented by children.
  • Protecting public health.
    We’ll offer Albertans access to safe, regulated cannabis, and provide public education so everyone’s aware of potential risks.
  • Promoting safety on the roads, in the workplace and in public spaces.
    We’ll raise awareness about the consequences of drug-impaired driving, working while impaired and using cannabis in unauthorized public spaces.
  • Limiting the illegal cannabis market.
    By providing Albertans with a legal way to purchase cannabis that’s safe, regulated and high quality, we aim to eliminate the illegal market for cannabis.